As humans, we often go through the motions of life, playing to the societal norms that identify us. As a dog owner, I cannot help but wonder what my pets think of my mundane actions. They see me go through the same motions Monday through Friday­­­­‑ getting ready for work, rushing to grab breakfast before heading out the door, coming home for a quick lunch and finally, arriving again in the evening only exhausted from the day’s activities. All the while, they sit at home waiting for their humans to come back and play with them. As we rush through the motions of life, do dogs wonder why we humans do what we do?

Domestication is a fine art self-portraiture series that explores our relationship with dogs. Although as humans, we partake in activities that our dogs may not understand, we do share emotional similarities with our pets that have created an unbreakable bond. This body of work portrays my dogs, Bob and Daisy, as my husband and myself. It depicts our lives- the ups, the downs and everything in between. I often use humor and irony to communicate lighter moments in the series while balancing the serious moments through a more contemplative approach.  

I have a strong emotional connection to dogs, which is a driving force for the creation of this series. My intent is for viewers to recognize our likeness to dogs and ponder the blurred line that separates the two species.